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How to clean wool carpets and area rugs?

The carpets and area rugs in our homes, as well as the rest of the objects in the house, need constant maintenance and cleaning, since being on the floor they are susceptible to get dirty easily, either by the spillage of any liquid, food debris, grease stains, or simply by the footsteps and the transit of people and the action of pets.

Next, we are going to see how we can carry out correct maintenance and optimal cleaning of our carpets.

Vacuuming and dusting

For routine maintenance, it is enough to vacuum the dust a couple of times a week. Be careful not to use the maximum power of the vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging the carpet fibers. It is advisable to move the vacuum cleaner nozzle in the direction of the carpet pile to avoid damaging the wool too much.

It is not advisable to shake the carpets to remove dust and accumulated dirt, because when they are beaten, the wool fibers of their composition can be damaged, especially the silk fibers, which are much more delicate.

A recommended practice is to turn the carpet over once a year and keep it upside down for a couple of weeks. In this way all the dust deposited on it, which may have reached the knots, will fall to the floor by gravity. Then, after vacuuming up all the dust, the carpet can be used again, showing more shine and softness to the touch.

Remove surface stains

The most superficial stains caused by footprints, mud and dirt in general can be easily removed. To do this we use a damp cloth to remove most of the existing stains.

Then, we will use another damp cloth impregnated this time with soap or neutral detergent, to eliminate completely the dirt or the spots that could remain. Do not rub excessively as this may cause damage to the dyes in the affected area. Repeat this operation if the stain persists. Finally, dry the carpet with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

Stains from footprints, spilled liquids such as coffee, tea, etc. can be easily removed in this way.

Use of ammonia and baking soda

Another common practice is to use a mixture of 100 grams of baking soda and 100 grams of common salt. It is sprinkled on the dirtiest parts of the carpet and left to act for at least 1 hour. Then, vacuum and remove all the spread product leaving the carpet totally clean and free of dust and dirt.

Ammonia is an effective disinfectant for removing most carpet stains. Dilute 100 ml of ammonia in one liter of warm water and add a little detergent. We spray the stains with the prepared product and by using a brush we will gently rub the affected areas to clean the stains.

Warnings: Ammonia is very toxic, so we will have to use some masks to avoid inhaling its fumes and wear rubber gloves while cleaning the carpet. The work area must be well-ventilated.

We prevent the use of ammonia in carpet cleaning as its misuse can cause irreparable damage to carpets with delicate wool and silk fibers. The colors may fade and the fibers may weaken, as a consequence the carpet may lose its monetary value.

If you have any doubts about how to remove these stains, please contact our experts at Brother’s Carpet Cleaning.

Washing carpets with water

Depending on the type of carpet (or rug), its composition and dimensions, water can be used to wash the carpets completely or by affected areas, removing surface stains and dirt. As long as the stains are not old and dry, we can use water, because if the stains are more durable and dry, there is a risk that when using water the dyes of the carpet fibers are mixed and the recovery of the carpet will be more expensive.

If the carpet has silk threads it is preferable not to wet it, because they are very delicate fibers that can be irreversibly damaged.

Drying and storing carpets

After washing the carpet or part of it, it will be necessary to let it dry completely. Once dry, it can be put back in place. If we are not going to use the carpet for a season, it is advisable to store it in an airy and light place, to avoid the action of moths that damage the carpet fabric.

  1. Final tips

All the methods and practices described above are useful to have daily maintenance of our carpets and kilims in order to keep them clean and free of pathogens and parasites, prolonging the life and value of them.

We recommend a thorough washing of your carpets by professional carpet cleaners every two years or so, since in our centers we employ traditional methods and use specific cleaning and sanitizing machinery and products for each type of carpet, ensuring 100% cleaning and disinfection.

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