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Best carpet for high-traffic stairs

Staircases in hotels, residences, stores, or even offices are very busy areas. For this very reason, they are a source of noise that could disturb the guests. Carpeting can be the solution to muffling all these annoying sounds, but which one to choose?

Prioritize the quality of the carpet

As you might expect, a quality carpet will be more durable. In most cases, stairs in common areas have a lot of traffic. In addition, we use more force when climbing them than when walking, and this puts additional wear and tear on the carpet. That is why it is important to choose a quality product from the start that will withstand daily use.

The most resistant materials

It is best to choose resistant fibers such as polyamide, polypropylene or nylon. Nylon stands out for its high resistance to wear and abrasion. In addition, in recent years sustainable materials have appeared, such as Econyl® fiber, which is obtained from recycled plastics such as nets and other waste materials that are highly polluting in nature.

Density is also important

Density is another factor that determines carpet quality and overall performance. It is a common mistake to confuse the density of a carpet or rug with its weight. They do not mean the same thing, although weight is one of the factors used to determine density.

The density of a carpet refers to how dense it is or how close together the fibers are on the visible side. Typically, we will get the density by multiplying the weight of the carpet x36 and then dividing that figure by the height.

Higher-density carpets and rugs tend to be more durable, but there are other weight factors such as the type of fiber used. For example, a low-density nylon carpet will be more durable than a high-density polypropylene carpet because nylon is a stronger material.

Long pile or short pile?

Short-pile carpets are the best choice for stair carpeting because the fibers are less likely to snag or compress. In general, it is recommended to choose a carpet that has a pile of ¾” or less.

Cut pile or loop pile?

In cut pile carpets the individual fibers are cut at the ends for comfort and a more luxurious appearance.

Loop pile carpets, on the other hand, have the fibers threaded into the backing to create small loops. They tend to be more durable, although not as comfortable.

Loop pile carpets are usually recommended for high-traffic areas such as stairwells. However, this is a very personal choice. A cut pile carpet may need to be replaced in a decade or two, but many buyers will prefer to enjoy a more luxurious carpet for a shorter time than a loop pile carpet that is not as comfortable but could last for thirty years with proper care.

The ideal color

It’s no secret that when climbing stairs any dirt we carry on our shoes will transfer to the carpet. Dark carpets are the most resistant to dirt. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, but we almost always advise against lighter ones.

Consider the type of staircase

Curved and spiral stairs are more difficult to work with than straight stairs. Some patterns and textures may not be compatible with these types of stairs. In this case, monochromatic designs are a safe bet.

Open staircases also present a unique challenge. These stairs do not have handrails or guides at the edge of each step. Since carpet cannot be properly installed with an exposed edge, we must wrap the side of each step to make it secure. Otherwise, even the best carpet in the world will inevitably lift.

Other things to be aware of when buying carpet for a stairway

When climbing a staircase, most people tend to gravitate toward the center. This means that over time the carpet will look more worn in the center than at the edges. Choosing a durable, quality design will limit that damage.

Finally, you should keep in mind that not all floor coverings can be used on a staircase. Tiles, for example, may peel off and are not suitable for this type of installation. If in doubt, ask your supplier which option is the best choice.

Once the carpets are installed in your business, regular cleaning and care is essential to keep them looking as good as new and last much longer in good condition.

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