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How to get dog and other pets pee smells & stains out of carpet

Anyone who has a carpet is susceptible to their pet peeing on a carpet or rug at home causing unpleasant stains and smells. Whether it is due to carelessness, because it is a puppy or because it is sick.

With pets our home is full of life and warmth, dogs can be one of the members of the family, but they require attention and care, especially when they are just puppies or are in old age. And it is in these stages of their life that our pet can commit some hygienic slip product of incontinence.

So that our carpet does not suffer the consequences, here we will show you how to clean urine stains from the carpet, in an easy and effective way.

How to clean it properly? How to eliminate the smell of pee on your carpet?

It doesn’t matter if the pee is from a dog, cat, rabbit, ferret… the composition of urine is similar in all of them and they all have something in common: they contain ammonia!

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How not to clean dog urine

We will not use bleach or ammonia: as it is a component of urine, we will not be able to clean it completely and we may also enhance the odor instead of removing it.

As it does not clean it completely, our furry dog may take it as an invitation to continue doing it.

How to clean dog urine

First of all put absorbent material to remove as much liquid as possible. You can use paper towels, cat litter or paper/wood pellets from the rabbit.

Sometimes it is enough to clean the area with vinegar as it neutralizes the urine.

If vinegar does not work, there are commercial soaps with active enzymes or bacteria which destroy the rest. We would apply in the area followed by the absorption.

How to clean a dry urine stain

In case it is a stain that has a time, we will throw directly the commercial soaps with enzymes or bacteria, in a quantity or superior concentration.

It will probably be necessary to repeat the action 24 hours later.