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How to Remove Gum from Carpet or Area Rug

Here I have listed some of the best home remedies for this annoying problem of how to remove gum from carpets or area rugs and also from clothes, even the methods give answers to the question of how to remove gum from hair.

Read on and say goodbye to annoying sticky gum!

remove gum from carpet

Step 1 – Take some ice

Step 1 – Take some ice

The process for how to remove gum from carpet begins with a little ice. Take some ice cubes and place them in a plastic bag.

Step 2 – Apply the ice pack to the gum

Step 2 – Apply the ice pack to the gum

Now you have to freeze the gum. For that, place the ice pack on the gum and leave it there for 10 minutes (minimum). This will freeze the gum.

Tip: This tip is also very useful if you are wondering how to remove gum from your hair.

Step 3 – Scrape off the gum with the knife

Step 3 – Scrape off the gum with the knife

Once the gum has completely frozen, take your knife and slowly scrape it away. Since the gum is already frozen, it’s brittle enough to come out as one big chunk instead of in pieces.

Step 4 – Remove Excess Pieces

Step 4 – Remove Excess Pieces

If there are some parts of the gum that could not be scraped off, you can clean the excess pieces with the help of water, a little soap and a small drop of white vinegar. Rub the carpet with a cleaning cloth and continue to do so until all of the gum is removed.

Step 5 – Here’s your clean rug!

Step 5 – Here's your clean rug!

Rejoice, because there is nothing else to do here. You have successfully frozen the gum and removed it without damaging an inch of your carpet.

How to remove chewing gum from the carpet if the above method does not work?

If the gum still won’t come off the carpet with this method, you can try cleaning it with oil

Any type of oil works well on carpets, however, you don’t want to use any that have a strong odor, as such oils are stubborn, and despite repeated washings, the odor won’t completely disappear. 

In my opinion, small amounts of kerosene work very well on carpets, it doesn’t have a strong odor and doesn’t leave a residue after a couple of washes.

More methods

If these two tricks fail to completely remove the gum, it may be time to heat it up

For this method, you must use a hair dryer. After about 10 minutes of constant heat exposure, the gum should have softened considerably. All you have to do is take a cleaning cloth, hold the gum and pull it hard to remove even the smallest residue from the carpet.

Now you know that it is not difficult to remove gum from a carpet. The best thing about these tricks is that if you are also wondering how to remove gum from your hair, they are also perfect for that purpose.

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